Welcome to Salt is Not The Spice of Life!! If you read through my very first blog you will see how I came up with this concept. But just in case you aren’t in the mood to read through all my old ramblings, let me tell you about this site.

In 1998 my world was flipped upside down in the matter of a month. I lost the vision in my eye and woke up to a life that would never be the same. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Now fast forward to 2008 and my world was yet again turned upside down. From walking to wheelchair and back, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t overcome.  Life as I knew it was over when the words, “You are officially divorced” rang in my ears and now I was in the position of having to re-create myself and my life just as I had to do that first D-Day when I was diagnosed. And if that was enough on my plate, God threw me one more curve ball and landed me in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure.

So now you are brought to the present. One more time my life has been rattled, skaken and stirred in a manner that I didn’t have a roadmap or a rulebook of how to deal. So this site came to mind. One more time I am re-creating myself and my life to adapt to a new situation. And I figured, why not bring everyone else along for the ride!

Now to explain why I chose the name, “Salt is NOT the Spice of Life”. Think about salt in your life. What do we use it for? Chefs, cooks, people in general use salt to flavor food – to add a certain spice, taste or kick. It enhances the flavor of the food. If you ever watch Rachel Ray on Food Network, she always throws salt over her shoulder when she cooks with it for good luck. There are containers of bath salts that you can add to your bath to help relax the body and create a more enjoyable bubble bath experience. While that is how salt effects most normal people’s lives, it does none of those things for me. Salt is not only my enemy now, I have to also learn how to make it my friend. Too much salt and I’m in trouble. Too little salt and I’m in trouble. It’s a weird balance that I am trying to figure out. Salt doesn’t add flavor to my food or my life, it doesn’t relax me. In fact, it does the exact opposite – I stress out all the time now about salt. So for me, Salt is not the spice of my life. But I know one day, I will find out exactly what is!!

And my hopes are that this site will provide an avenue for you to find what is the salt in your life, an avenue to learn about MS and Heart Failure/Heart Disease, a place to grow, laugh and cry with me as I figure out this crazy thing we call life.

As the good man said, I never said life would easy, only that it would be worth it!

So, above you have the original reason why this blog was created. True to my words, I did have to recreate myself. I don’t know if you believe in karma, but good things come to those who wait. I not only met the true love of my life, but I gave birth to the most amazing little boy to ever walk the face of this earth. (yes, I am biased!!) This blog will continue to follow my journey through MS and heart disease, but also follow my heart with my son and my new life. A life that is exactly where God wanted me to be.

8 Responses to “Welcome!!”

  1. Michele Riedford Says:

    Loved reading your blog! I am constantly amazed at how strong you are!
    In addition to closed doors please remember that God would not give you more than you can handle (He just didn’t know that your breaking point is so much higher than us common folks!) We all love YOU!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

  2. Michele Riedford Says:

    Knew you could do it! YOU GO GIRL! WHOO HOO!Ii’M PROUD OF YOU! NOT

  3. Charles Peake Says:

    I know the feeling when it comes to finding strength that you didn’t know you had. Very good job of finding yours. Mine, isn’t the same things as yours, but it is a medical condition. My Condition I found out on my 15th Birthday. I have what is called Klinefelter’s Syndrome. I was told that I could never be a have kids. But, I fought for years and still take shots just for that one chance. The other had be on my death bed. If the doctors would have waited 2 more days to operate I would have been dead. Of course they said I should of die with in the week of getting it. I had a Staph Infection. I had it for 3 weeks, I ran a fever of 108.2. I ended up having 2 emergency surgeries. It will be 2 years on Feb 3rd since I almost died. Keep up the good work and never forget God is always there.

  4. Theresa Asano Says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the seminar at Emory. I am trying to email you the nutirtional information that I have put together but I need your email address. There is 12 pages that is done in Micro Soft Word that I want to send you as an attachment.

    Also you mentioned about your mother’s chicken and trail mix. If you don’t mind shareing these recepies I would like to make it for my husband Al.


  5. laquita leach Says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and it is nice to hear from someone who feels the same way I do. Just in case you don’t remember me: We met at heart failure class at emory and i was sitting right behind you. I will be visiting your page more often


  6. KrisBelucci Says:

    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

    • saltisnotthespiceoflife Says:

      Sure Kris, feel free to link over to it. I would love for anyone looking to find the spice in their life to join me in the journey. Cheers!

  7. how to get rid of cellulite Says:

    much appreciated lots, I am obliged to say your site is amazing!

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