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Things I Don’t Understand

January 6, 2012

My all time favorite TV show is The Golden Girls, I catch a lot of grief about this from my husband. Rose is the character that is a little ditzy, a little naive, overly optimistic and the forever friend. In one of the episodes Rose gets going on a rant of things she doesn’t understand. It’s actually pretty funny. Most of the items are nothing too serious, and at the end of one statement she would say, “And you know what else I don’t understand…” Being on bed rest, you have a lot of time to think. This got me thinking about random things in my life I don’t understand. So, I thought I would share… I tried to keep it mostly light-hearted like Rose. I think sometimes when you start taking life too seriously, you start taking the fun out of it. But this may have to be a subject I update every now and then…..

Here are just a few random things I don’t understand:

– Why maternity clothes are so dang expensive for something you will only wear a couple of months (at best, because your belly grows and not necessarily the clothes to fit…).

– Why some people change their relationship status on facebook every week. Are you really that confused on if you’re in a relationship? If you are, then I would venture to say you are not really in a relationship…..

– Why I always lose my favorite pen. I’m starting to think maybe my husband is stealing them….

– Why people bash and rip apart things they don’t believe in, i.e. religion. If you don’t believe in said subject being bashed, that is your right, but no one gave you the right to be ugly and hateful.

– Why Tums used to disgust me before, but as a pregnant woman they taste like candy.

– Why people protest to hate Christianity and not believe in Jesus, yet on Christmas Day they will ask Jesus to give them a job. So… which is it? Either you believe or you don’t.

– How we seem to get dog hair on things and places our dogs have not been in the house. Their hair seems to have magical wings to go everywhere.

– Why weddings, funerals and births seem to bring out the worst in people, when it should bring out the best.

– Why my neighbor a few doors down has a dog. The poor thing is left outside all the time, and it’s been getting below freezing a few nights here. No animal deserves to be left outside all the time with no love, or compassion, or interaction.

– Why some people can’t say the two tiny words of “thank you”. Is it really that hard to acknowledge when someone has done something nice or given you a gift?

– Why some games seem more fun with your own personal sound effects.

– Why men don’t understand that pregnant women are emotional, and sometimes that means crying.

– Why dogs understand the concept of loyalty and unconditional love better than people do. There really are a lot of lessons we could learn from our dogs.

– Why my husband will never close a cabinet door after he opens it.

– Why people will post a very controversial opinion on facebook and then get angry when one of their 6,000 friends doesn’t agree. If you want to believe the whole world thinks just as you do, then keep your opinion to yourself.

– Why Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston’s hair always looks perfect, and why I can’t get mine to do anything.

– Why people will post “Don’t send me a group text message” on facebook. Do you really think you are that important? Very few people have the stature that they can say that and get away with it. But clearly if you are posting that, you aren’t busy in your life or have to multi-task. And in case you didn’t realize, it took you longer to post that stupid status update than it would have to delete the group text message.

– Why I can never seem to drink enough water. I am always thirsty!

And you know what else I don’t understand….
– Why it seems to take twice as long to take down Christmas decorations than it did to put them up.