Posting Comments on this Blog

With this blog I have made the commitment to post the good, the bad and the ugly going on in my life. The same is true with the comments people leave on here. While I moderate all comments that are left, I welcome people to disagree or challenge my thoughts and perspectives, especially if you strongly feel otherwise. But if you want your comments posted for the rest of the world to read, then clean up your language and have a little respect for my other readers. This isn’t just a blog written in outerspace – I have family members, doctors and collegues that follow this site, people of all ages. And the comment I received on “So You Think You Can Dance” was so too filthy and vulgar to even approve.  I acknowledge the fact that you very clearly don’t like my blog, and that’s fine. Well, newsflash – if you hate it that much, stop reading it! If you want to find a more PG-rated version to express your hateful views then you’ll get your comment posted. If not, go find another blog to harrass. This is not the place.

Oh, and PS – don’t think I didn’t catch the “crunk”. I am far from being naive, stupid or predictable. Don’t underestimate.

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