It Betta For You

If you had to guess, what do you think would happen if you put 15 women in a house together, locked the doors for the weekend, forced them all to share bathrooms, made sure that the most controversial topics are discussed, oh… and splashed a little alcohol on top for good measure? Most people would think this sounds like a disaster in the making, a volcano waiting to explode. But if you are one of the ladies in the Bowyer family, this is the best weekend of the entire year – Girls Rock Weekend at Rocky Top Rendeavous!!

Whether its listening to all the bears hybernating in the same cave, popping those VIVA pills,laughing at Ray Charles playing Apples-2-Apples, contemplating the irony between cellfish-cannibals that are canadian- psychics who do well in physics, or being sung to sleep by the lovely melody of Adel Weise (sp??), this weekend has become one of my most cherished memories year after year. And I believe in the bottom parts of my heart, that there is truly no better medicine for my heart or my soul than the sound of all my “sistas” laughing and giggling with me. Or sitting at the dining room table, hugging and crying with me.

The bond this family has forged is strong enough to move mountains – even “Rocky” ones that we all face in our lives. A smile here, a wink there… a laughter contagious enough to spread across the whole house (even if you are asleep..). The tears you see are all specs of joy leaving one soul and reaching out to grab another – to bond us tightly together like blood sisters. A bond that will never be broken. And I hope you ladies know, that each and every one of you are a few of my favorite things.

For anyone in the clan who couldn’t make it this year, you were deeply missed. We hope you will make it next year, cuz partying with the Rocky Top Girls it betta for you!! Now getcha boots made for walkin’ and I will see you again next year – somewhere over the rainbow!! I love you ladies!!

4 Responses to “It Betta For You”

  1. Emma Says:

    This blog’s really quite intersting.. Thankyou 🙂

    • saltisnotthespiceoflife Says:

      Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope you’ll come back for future visits. Let me know if you have a website, I can link over to yours.

  2. Marianne, aka Co-Co Says:

    Well said. Love your insight. How blessed are we Bowyer bloods!

  3. cathy bowyer Says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! you are soooooo right on sista!!! I feel so blessed to be one of the SISTA”S. I love you

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