So You Think You Can Dance????

Your centerstage, it’s the audtion of your life. If you can make it to the Top 20, your on the national tv show and destined for stardom. But not everyone gets thru so easily. A select few get the ticket to Las Vegas immediately, and others have to come back for choreography to see if they can hack it. Once in Vegas, a week of grueling routines to push your body to the limits and test your true capabilities as an artist. You have pulled out every trick in the book, every move you have ever known to show you are one of the best to show that yes, you CAN dance. And now you are being told, “You must dance for your life”. Here is the moment you will literally dance for your life.

I feel like that is how MS and HF (heart failure) have been inside of me lately. It’s been this dance-off to see who is better to capture the title. Who is strong enough, has enough talent to make thru to the next round. They are going back and forth, each time one showcasing a move the other has never seen before. A move unique enough to get them that round’s vote.

I can just see the judges comments now…. MS, you have the pop and lock down solid. Your hip hop is a step above the best – your lines are crisp! HF – your contempary is par none, such fluidity in your movement. You are definitely in your element! But can you bring some character to the competition? You have the training, how flexible are you with different genres? It’s now time to dance for your lives….

If I am giving my vote, right now it goes to MS. I have to say MS truly brought to the forefront a new move that none of us had ever seen. The way you twisted that spinal seizure to lock my neck in place against my shoulder was priceless. And yet, while you had it locked, not once did you ever stop the continual movement of spasms down my lower back showcasing the power in my abs. It was the best reverse snake if I’ve ever seen one. Yes, you get the ticket to continue to the next round.

But wait…. what’s this??? HF isn’t done just yet? If you want to win this competition you have to bring a little some’em-some’em that is unique, different, fiery, ferocioius! You have got to bring it!

Well, as Nigel would say, Que the Music! Stay tuned to see how this dance off plays out…..

And, Que Music!

One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance????”

  1. cathy bowyer Says:

    I vote they will both go down, and God is going to raise you back up to win this round!!!!!! I love you, I love your spirit , you are my inspiration!!!!

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