I’m Back…..

I first started this blog when my heart went into failure in 2008. I was pretty much imprisoned to my couch in an effort to let my heart rest and recover. During that year of writing, I did much soul searching and actually changed directions of where I was going in my life. As my heart got healthier and stronger, my life started getting back to some semblance of normalcy and hence the writing stop.

How ironic that I am now back, in a very similar situation. Yet again I am imprisoned to my bed or couch in an effort to allow my heart to rest and in this case, stay strong so I can make it safely through my pregnancy. As before, I took you all on this journey of self discovery and realization, the ups and downs of happiness and heartache as I struggled to find my way on the new path God was taking me down.

Now, God has opened a door I have always prayed for, but never thought I would get to walk through. I’m going to be a mother. And I want you all to join me as I go through this amazing journey. As I’ve already seen, this has yet again changed the direction I am going in my life and allowing me time to do more soul searching and self discovery.

So buckle up!!! This is definitely going to be a bumpy, wild, but worthwhile ride!!

2 Responses to “I’m Back…..”

  1. Erika Stavropoulos-DeFilippo Says:

    You have impressed me since inwas 18, and you continue to do so oh so many years later!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

  2. Karen Long Says:

    Glad to have you back…I’ve missed you!

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