Go Braves and Be Brave!!

A week ago I got the opportunity to go to the Brave’s game with my nieces and some of their friends. We had a blast. If you haven’t tailgated before one of the games then you must add that to your “to-do” list. All you need is a cooler of beer, and little charcoal grill, some hotdogs/hamburgers and people ready to have fun! And let me tell you – we had enough food to feed an army and we had a blast!!!

But what was so amazing about this game wasn’t just the incredibly fun time I had, it was this precious lesson I saw my niece teach everyone there when no one was really looking. Anyone living in Atlanta knows that we have no shortage of homeless people in this city.  And events like the Brave’s game brings them out of the woodworks. Well, my niece invited a few of them over to our tailgate and offered them any food we had – hotdogs, hamburgers, sausage, corn, chips.. anything. She invited them over when others were so rudely turning them away. And in return, they danced with us. One man’s name was Koogi. He kept saying, “I may live in a dumpster under the bridge, but I look like I just walked off 5th Ave.” And he did! He had more class than some of the suits I used to work with. The other gentleman kept giving us all of this great worldly advice: look up in the sky and see the other stars twinkling to know you are never alone. And as Santana sings – “We danced on into the night”!!

What an incredible gift to observe from my niece. A younger generation that is normally tagged by society as being greedy and selfish, and even mean. But there was none of that last Tuesday night. It was all about when you have an abundance – then give. Its not always about the activities you do, its about the company you keep. Jess – I am very proud of you for the example you set when no one else was looking. Pay it forward!

2 Responses to “Go Braves and Be Brave!!”

  1. cathy bowyer Says:

    I wondered who the other people in your tailgating pictures were, now I know. I am proud of you too Jess!! love Mimi

  2. Jessica Says:

    Wow Linds! Thanks. You inspire me daily.

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