Recharged Batteries

After weather delays and what felt like forever in the airport, I finally made it back to Atlanta. I have to say I found my Milwaukee trip to be somewhat ironic. See, with MS I would go in every month for an IV of steriods. This would “recharge” my battery so to speak. It (along with my shots) were enough to keep me mobile and kicking. Wait… lets not forget the one who truly charges my battery – God!

Ever since I got out of the hospital in Dec, I have felt like I’ve lost my mind. I’m always so worried about having my heart meds that I forget everyday things. (Some of you reading this will simply say it has nothing to do with the heart failure and everything to do with being Cathy’s daughter.. Right now I disagree…) Anyways, this trip I left my cell phone chargers. And as you can guess, my cell phone batteries died. No juice!!

I wasn’t able to catch the earlier flight back to Atlanta so I hopped on my computer to catch up on emails and well… play on facebook a little. What happens next – my computer battery dies! I had the charger with me, but sometimes finding an outlet in an airport is like finding a needle in a haystack. And speaking of needles, total side note but I know the guy sitting next to me does botox. He has to – absolutely no wrinkles and nothing on his face is moving. Besides that he is reading the National Enquirer…..

Ok, back to my point – is this one of life’s little lessons? Symbolically trying to tell me I need to recharge my battery? I know I do. All my numbers this week for my heart were off.  I adjusted meds to help until I could get back to Atlanta and now I will take a little break from travel. I’ll still be working, just not be the road warrior I’ve been here lately.

And reality – don’t think for one minute this means you are winning. It simply means I am recharging my battery. You tried really hard to shake me this week and it didn’t work. It was 6degrees and I wasn’t tempted by that steaming hot bowl of jalapeno cheddar potato soup. I had a lunch meeting at this great little hamburger joint and I stuck with my grilled chicken. And that was a tough one – those burgers smelled delicious!! In my excitement in the airport I dropped my snack to hold me over until I got home (and the airport is not one of those places you institute the 5-second rule). While I was hungry I didn’t indulge in the Pizza Hut it felt like the rest of the plane bought. You didn’t rattle me, you didn’t shake me. And you know what else…. even though my stupid GPS took me in about 500 circles to get back to the airport I didn’t get road rage! Ha!! So how’s this little fight against my stresses working for you????

They say that your dreams are a microscope into your soul. If that’s true, then let me tell you about the real dream I had last night, a little insight into my soul. I had my gi on (for those who don’t know its your karate uniform), I was up next to fight in the tournament. Master Ahn was giving me some last minute coaching when the ref called me to the matt. I could feel the intensity building up in my chest. I could feel my feet harden over the coldness of the matt. I’m looking at my opponent, who I assume is you reality, but the face is blacked out. All of a sudden this huge rush of adrenaline hits me and I explode. I knocked you out with one of the most beautiful spinning back kicks. I felt my foot crsuh thru your ribs just as clearly as I can feel this key I type on right now.

Look really close into that microscope reality – you will see a soul that is determined to fight you to the death. You may have taken away some of my former luxeries, but you won’t take my life. I’ll recharge my battery next week and be ready for battle again. This is far from over…..

2 Responses to “Recharged Batteries”

  1. cathy bowyer Says:

    I loved your dream, that put you back along time ago to that 10 yr old little girl who had just gotten her black belt. You always could do a mean spinning back kick!!. Just think Jill turned 10 this week, that is how old you were then. amazing what you had accomplished by the time you were 10.
    Thanks for reminding me if we stay plugged in to God we will be recharged all the time!!!!
    love you

  2. suzie Says:

    NO ROAD RAGE!!! that is a big step for you. i am proud of you

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