How is everyone doing out there???? Good I hope. I will say I am much better now after having a great dinner with my good old friend Suzie and catching up. I haven’t seen her in 10 years, and let me tell you- – we had A LOT to talk about!! Craziness. But last night I wasn’t doing all that great. Actually, I was down right pissed off. And had I been allowed to, I could have really put a serious hurting on a punching bag.

For those of you who don’t know me all that well, I am used to operating at 180-mph. Go, go, go all the time. So it’s frustrating to me to be tired. You’re probably wondering what happened with my Chicago trip and this little boxing match I have going with reality. I made it to Chicago. I actually did much better with my food, since I packed more of it this time. But I realized that it’s a lot harder for me to stand and do presentations for a long amount of time. This trip wiped me out. I was soo tired on Friday. I had set aside Friday night to clean up my apartment. Yeah, that sooo didn’t happen. I’m not used to NOT having energy.

I know that it is still really soon since I got out of the hospital. But damnit, I am only 31 years old. I should be bouncing back a lot faster from heart failure than this, right???

Before when I would travel and was flying back to Atlanta, I would have my Ipod on the whole time. Once I got off my plane I would dance my way thru the airport to my park’n’ride bus. No cell phone – just me, my music and dancing! This was just my little routine, I was in my own little Lindsey world and happy to finally be back home. On Thursday when I flew back, I had my Ipod on, but just didn’t have it in me to dance thru the airport. Then Bon Jovi came on!! My sister has jokingly said he wrote this one song, Bounce, just for me! And while I wasn’t dancing, I did have more of a Bounce in my step! It was enough to give me a little attitude going thru the airport and enough to make people wonder why I had such a big smile on my face. And tonight I got another little Bounce in my step – reconnecting with an old friend, laughing at old memories, talking about all the new stuff going on in our lives. It was a good reminder that sometimes the best things in life are to hear the wonderful sound of laughter from a good friend. Thank you Suzie! And thank you Julie for giving me this song – it has brought back some Bounce into my somewhat dull life right now!!

So ladies and gentleman – I leave you with a little Bounce (or at least my favorite parts)!! May you all find a little bounce in your lives!

I’ve been knocked down so many times
Count it out 6, 7, 8, 9

Call it karma, Call it luck
Me, I just don’t give a f*&%
Bounce, Bounce
Nothing’s gonna keep me down
Bounce, Bounce
Stand up, Shout it Out
Bounce, Bounce
Play hard, Play to Win
Count me out, Count me in
I’ll be Bouncing back again

I’ll take the hits, But not the fall
I know no fear, Still standing tall

Bring it on, I like it rough
In your face, I’ll call your bluff
It ain’t karma, It ain’t luck
Me, I just don’t give a f*&%


Song: Bounce by Bon Jovi

2 Responses to “Just BOUNCE!”

  1. Cathy Says:

    You are awesome, hang in there, YOU WILL GET YOUR BOUNCE BACK!!!!!! I love you soooo much, your mom

  2. suzie stotler Says:

    lindsey!!!! i am so glad we got to catch up. i want you to know that you are an amazing woman. catching up with you has also made me realize the important things in life. sometimes we all take for granted the little things. who needs a rockstar or sports star to look up to when you have lindsey bowyer in their life. you have done more for me than you will ever know!! you are a true ROCKSTAR in my book!!!

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