Round Two

Ok, let me first put one little thought out there – I don’t know if I will write on this everyday. So no expectations…. just have a lot to get off my chest right now.

Here’s a little update on my battle with reality. I made it to Chicago, with a very tired (yet cold) heart and short breath. But I made it. And can I just say, why in the world do adults think its cute to wear pajama’s thru the airport??? People, its not cute. On a baby its cute. On an adult I need to pull out my fashion police badge!

Back to my little fight… there is only so much planning you can do. Lesson learned. But due to my superior planning, I am here and not crashing. I’m tired mind you, but not crashing. I have shortness of breath, but don’t need to be hooked up to the oxygen tank. So, reality, you have me in a pretty good choke hold right now, but I’m not ready to tap out just yet. And I hope you liked that piercing elbow to the eye, that one will definitely leave a mark! While I’ll give you round 1 from earlier this week, I think the judges will agree this round goes to me! And just to give you a heads up sucka, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for tomorrow, so watchout!!

Some of you may feel like I am being a little over-dramatic here. This is a whole new life for me. I was used to running thru the airport to barely catch my flight, running airport to airport – city to city. Oh, and while running I was responding to emails on one phone and catching up with a friend on the other. And once I got there the workout clothes would go on and I’d go for hard run and then lift. Stay up late working and then start the routine all over the next day. Right now, I can’t imagine just running thru the airport. There was no running today. And had I needed to, we would have just missed that stupid flight. Not even the paramedics could get me off this bed on a treadmill right now (besides the fact my doc would kill me!) Multi-tasking is like learning how to walk all over again. I sounded like I had run a marathon today just talking to one of my collegues on the phone while I was packing. Just like Jordan Spark’s song says, “Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air.” Tell me how I’m supposed to survive if I can’t be Lindsey.

I get that we as Americans need to slow down a little bit, breathe the fresh air and smell the stupid roses. But God, if you’re listening… haven’t we taken this one just a hair too far????

One Response to “Round Two”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Hope you are at your hotel now, getting some rest and BREATHING without any shortness of breathe. I love you

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