The Come Back Kid

If you have never been to an NBA game before, I highly recommend you go. Those guys are HUGE!! But what an electric game!! We had the incredible opportunity to sit in the suite at Staples Center. So the Lakers came out of the gate like something fierce, ready to stomp on the Magic. When they weren’t looking, the Magic snuck up and took the lead. That’s a little bit how my disease works. I come out of the gate swinging and kicking some ass, but when I get too comfortable or complacent I’ll get blindsided. If you are around Drew you will see him constantly moving. Part of that is for his comfort in the chair. But another part of that I feel is so he doesn’t get blindsided, so someone doesn’t sneak up on him and take the lead.

And let me tell you it would be very difficult for anyone to take the lead from Drew. Just as the Lakers had to stay focused, up their defense and nail the offense, Drew has to do the same thing. Hollywood is a very competitive market and a dog-fighting industry. If he isn’t constantly on top of his game, someone else could sneak in and take his spot.

Many people thought Drew was down and out after his car accident. And I will go ahead and say there are a lot of people I know who don’t have the strength, courage and determination to fight back from near death. As Drew says, “I kicked that 18-wheeler’s ass!” Yes sir, you did! You may not be on that basketball court playing against the Magic my friend, but you put on a much better show just being able to experience your life with you.

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One Response to “The Come Back Kid”

  1. cathy bowyer Says:

    lovin all your blogs, i love you too,
    i would love to meet drew, he really sounds like an incrediable preson!!! alot like you!!!

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