BetterMe – Week 5

A very interesting topic for this week – it’s all about how more isn’t always better. And man is that so true with the heart. In college we used to think one beer was good, but 10 beers was great!! Now those 10 beers can do some serious hitting on my heart. Besides the fact I’m just too old now for hangovers….

But for the purposes of this week’s lesson with getting a better heart, this is focused around weight. Remember that obesity is one of the big risk factors for heart disease. Even dropping 5% of your weight if you are overweight can make a big difference. So Get Active, Eat Healthy and let’s lose some weight America!! Now, while weight is a factor, a healthy weight doesn’t equal a healthy heart. Which is why it is so important for everyone to go thru this 12-week program to learn more about your heart and how you can better take care of the MOST important organ in your body.

Alot of women are emotional eaters. I know I was, still kinda am…. I just have to be really careful with it now. I can’t go eat a whole bag full of candy because I’m stressed out about something – that could be a couple days worth of sodium for me. Now here is a scary stat that was in this week’s lesson: a handful of potato chips a day can add about 1,000 calories a week. That translates to you gaining 4 pounds in three months and 16 pounds a year!

So, since obesity is such a big risk factor, that is the focus of this week’s goals:
1.  I’m going to pick up the pace on my bike – ride a little faster than I have been, while keeping my heart rate in check.
2. Figure out what my recommended daily caloric intake needs to be and start sticking close to that number. (sodium is the most important factor here for me…)
3. Find out my BMI number to see which category I fall in.
4. Start paying better attentions to my moods and how that affects my eating.

So, how did I do last week? I’ll be honest, I fell short on two of my goals. I didn’t solicit someone to help me with one of my Go Red Goals. I know who I want to ask and what it’s for, I just let the week get away from me. So I will get that done this week. The other one is I didn’t add resistance training in my workout. Maybe part of it is being a little gun shy, I really don’t want to push where I shouldn’t be. Part of me wants to talk this one over with my doc.

Anyhoo… so come on board and become a BetterU for your heart!!

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