If you read the last blog, you know I am a little behind on updating this. Sorry. I think I needed a mental break. Last week was just the week from hell. I seriously was starting to question whether or not I would get my head above water to breathe. I’ve had this ongoing battle with reality and then this “other party” decided to step into the ring last week. The funny thing is, in Tae Kwon Do as you move up in the belts, you add more people that you learn to fight. In one sense, I should be prepared for this. But last week I was really getting hit with some low blows, to the point it really became personal.

So I left on Thursday to head up to the mountains and get away. My Dad has this philosophy that once you get up to the mountains you leave all the worries from the city in the city. I used to think it was all the bloody maries that made it so relaxing up there. Now I can’t drink them anymore. There really is something to my Dad’s philosophy. Just breathing the mountain air, hearing the rain on the tin roof, being away from the city and in nature – its just relaxing. Its hard to get angry at anything. And some close family friends came up to visit and we just had a blast! It was just what I needed. Then I headed over to Columbia to see Secondhand Sernade with Lee Ann. I LOVE that band (well, some might say I am obsessed with them…)!! On Sunday I woke up to a very strained voice… but still got to catch up with some friends from Columbia. Suz – I loved our lunch, and just catching up. And Drew, I could spend hours just laughing with you!! Then headed back to Atlanta to get caught up in traffic from the Masters. But by then my voice had completely gone, so I couldn’t yell at any of the bad drivers. The only downfall was that since Sunday was Easter, Groucho’s was closed. So another Columbia trip will be coming soon. Its been a decade since I’ve had the most incredible sandwhich in the world – an STP!!

I went to the doctor this morning, my voice is completely gone (laringitis) and I have a sinus infection. My head feels like it has been beat up with a baseball bat. (hmm… hopefully I don’t look like I feel…) So I’m supposed to be looking for a job and I have no voice to talk to anyone. WTF?????

The good thing is that I was still relaxed from my mountain/concert trip, even though I feel horrible. And I had the funniest conversation with my friend Kimmie on the phone today. It is amazing how much laughter can be a good medicine for the soul. I have to say, as much as she was laughing at me telling her the stories in my tiny voice, I was laughing at it too. And I got to catch up on text message with my nephew. Now I am writing this blog, watching re-runs of Golden Girls (we are almost done with Season 7, and I’m still laughing at the sound of me laughing – its really funny in this non-voice I have) and eating my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Some say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I say when life hits you in the face with a bat, eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!!! Ha!!

So… last week was riftamous.

This weekend was really riftamous!

And this week will be riftamous!!!!!! (muah MA!!)

Here’s to going up from here in the most riftamous way!

One Response to “Riftamous”

  1. mary a riftamous! Says:

    yes my Darling- riftamous IS the wurd!
    wurd up
    I do hope to see you very soon for more riftamous living.
    love you Sweetie…

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