Hello everyone. Well as expected my last blog seemed to upset a few people. So I wanted to put out a few disclaimers. First, this blog is about me, not you. This is my avenue to let loose, to write, to vent, to pretty much do what I feel I need to do to keep sanity. So I hate to be rude, but if you don’t like what you are reading, then you have the choice to not read it. This website is not set up to attack anyone or hurt anyone. This is about my journey dealing with life.

Secondly, if I have offended anyone from Alabama with my blog, then I sincerely apologize. Again, last week was a tough week and I was simply venting. I truly meant no disrespect to the state or people who live in it. I have lived in South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia and can personally atest to the fact that we have rednecks, slow drivers, cows, pastures and lots & lots of camouflauge as well.


One Response to “Disclaimer”

  1. Wyndy Amerson Says:

    Lindsey! I love that you vent. It is like a big “think about it later box”. Let it out. Some people do not have a sense of humor. Hmmm. 10 to 1 – I bet their names are Frank! There are rednecks everywhere – even in Yankeeland. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It makes stop to think and give thanks for all we have. You are in my thoughts and prayers. We miss you. If you are ever in ATL long enough – come to trivia at Traiwn’s – Monday March 23rd or to Vickie’s for Bunco on the 25th or to my house for Sangria and chicken tacos on the 27th. You make me laugh. You make me think. Keep writing. Take care. Love, Wyndy

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