Ever since December there has been one point about my health that has been driving me up the wall. A “misnomer” I feel. See I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. But I should make something very, very clear – this does not mean I am a failure and it does not mean my heart is a failure. I think it should be called Congestive Heart Temporary Disability! My heart has trouble pumping blood on its own to the rest of my body. But outside of that, my heart still has every capacity to love and be loved. So how does this mean failure? No matter how broken medically my heart is, it will always be whole with Christ in it. So how does this mean failure? From a medical perspective, my heart takes a step back and I adjust my meds, my diet, my plan of attack to get it stronger as fast as possible. How does that mean failure?

God tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us. And I am living proof that God can step in where science ends. So how does this mean failure? Because God doesn’t fail.

And if you simply just look at my life over the last decade or two. How many times has life or Reality (my main opponent right now) tried to knock me down, sweep me off my feet, devastate me, push me around???? And every time, every time I bounce right back in Reality’s face with an answer. So how does this mean failure? Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That is the approach I am taking with my heart right now. I am not going to fail my heart, and I will not allow my heart to fail. I am finding a couple of approaches that aren’t working on keeping it pumping strongly on its own in the right manner. Great! Now I know a couple of approaches not to waste my time on anymore.

Elbert Hubbard said there is no failure except no longer trying. And I must keep my mom’s nickname for me always current – I’m a cork! You can push me down but I always pop back up.  Failure was never an option in my family and its not one now. I may try 10,000 wrong ways till I find the right one for my heart. But I will always keep trying.

Henry Ford said that failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. If you can’t learn from your past mistakes, then you can never grow stronger in the future. And the simple act of beginning again – how is that considered failure?

So you see, I think we need to petition the American Medical Association to rename this disease. Its not failure! Its simply finding 10,000 that aren’t working, till we find the one that does.  And everyday that I wake up and my heart takes just one beat, one pump – its a winner! Because it means I am still alive. And that my friend, is definitely not failure!

2 Responses to “Failure”

  1. cathy bowyer Says:

    God will position us in such a way that people will know theres no way we could have done it unless HE showed up. He wants to get the GLORY!! And that has happened to you time and time again, I am so thankful that time and time again you give HIM the GLORY and you know where your strength come from!!!
    I am with you, I think they need to change the name of heart failure!!!
    I love you and I am soo proud of you, You are my hero and always will be!!!!!

  2. cathy bowyer Says:

    Be sure and tell Lindsey that Wayne and I are praying for her every day. We also believe that God works miracles and we are proud of her for her faith. Reba

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