Riding the Redneck Ninja Wave

So… the past couple of days have been some of those weird “Ah-hah Moment” kinda days. As you first start reading this you are probably going to think I am having a “Woah is me-pity party”, but stick with me kids and you will get to my point.

When I was in my young 20’s (okay, damn – first that makes me sound old… and second I sound like one of my parents – when I was your age…) anyways – back in my young 20’s just out of college a lot of my friends were getting married and picking out china patterns. I was picking out the color and style seat cushion I wanted for my wheelchair. (and to this day it baffles me why I didn’t pick orange…) Years later as my friends started having kids and learning to drive those mini-vans they swore they would never drive, I was learning to drive with hand controls. Because my legs wouldn’t work more than they would. Now I’m in my 30’s and my friends are planning that next house purchase or the next sibling to add to the group, and I’m writing my will and planning for my death on the off chance I don’t beat the odds. It is a very humbling experience to write out what you want done with your body because chances are you will die before your parents. Now don’t get me wrong here people – I am not giving up. I will fight this until my heart gives its very last pump. But it would be very irresponsible of me not to go ahead and make arrangements. As my Dad always says, “We plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

So yesterday I was absolutely terrified driving to my attorney’s office. I always have my ipod and normally can find any song to pump me up or capture my mood. But not yesterday. It was just dead silence… How do you tell someone when you are only 31-yrs old what to do with your estate?? (and again, don’t get any whacky ideas out there people – there isn’t a hell of a lot to my estate. But what is there is being left in very good hands..) How do you know if you want to be buried or cremated – where to spread your ashes?? (ok, honestly – that was an easy one for me…) I mean shit – at this age I should be planning out my next kid’s nursery colors, not what type of damn urn to put my ashes in. (and before any wise cracks are made you have probably already guessed – yes there is a stipulation that the urn must have an orange “T” on it somewhere and some of my ashes are to be spread at Neyland Stadium, where my heart will always remain..)

So now to the point of all of this. As terrified as I was yesterday, I took a deep breath, looked down at my shirt and rode the Redneck Ninja Wave into the attorney’s office with no more fear. Yesterday, in my own little world, I was a Redneck Ninja.

Redneck Ninja’s is a concept my friend Drew Bates created. (see Drew’s website –> http://www.drewbates.com) I want to make sure you get the full idea of what this awesome creation is, so I’m just going to copy the words right off of Drew’s website: “The idea behind Redneck Ninja: Being rural but really adept at the things you love. Country fried warriors who struggle to function in the modern world. Somehow by skill or luck they always manage to save the day. They are masters of Qi, hillbilly fighting – they stick out like pink flamingo lawn ornaments.” And with the talented and creative animation by Jasen Strong (link to blog on the side, website –> http://jasenstrong.artstooge.com) he brought Drew’s concept to life. Gave his vision legs to walk right off the page and into my life.

There is something about this concept that just clicks with me, makes me feel like I have these superhuman powers… like one of his characters by either skill or luck I always manage to somehow make it through the day. And there are so many different levels that I connect with Drew’s creation. Raised to rebuild Jeeps, but trained under the strict discipline of Tae Kwon Do. Groomed with the manners, grace and style of being a Southern Belle but taught to shoot a rifle. Even the name Redneck Ninja resonates so strongly with me. I have that sweet, southern accent but pack a powerful punch. Its like the Ying to the Yang…. Maybe it has something to due with the fact that most of my life people have called me a redneck because I wore camouflaged boots, took auto mechanics, had the single best Jeep Spring Valley High School had ever seen (don’t deny it guys – you know its true. And I also know you used to call my Dad to come pull you out of the mud when I wasn’t home. Ha – ametuers!!) But underneath that “country-fried” facade was a secret ninja who had been training all of her life for what she didn’t know at the time would be THE fight of her life.

On my myspace page under hero’s I have my Dad – as a cancer survivor & the strongest man I have ever known, he has taught me more about how to be a true fighter in mind, body and spirit.  While he is a third degree black belt and could bench press most of you reading this (I know that last comment just probably killed my next date…) what sticks so strongly with me were the lessons that there are more ways to fight the enemy than just with your fist. That is the easy way out, and not what will let you endure in this life. Redneck Ninja!!

Redneck Ninja is like my battle cry right now. The Scotts cried “Freedom” before they ran onto the battlefield. I scream “Redneck Ninja”!! So Drew…. I’m sorry buddy, but your stuck with me for awhile. Ha! And if you’re reading this – I think you need to make a poster I can put up in my office just as a reminder on those days things get a little tough around here…

You can read more about Redneck Ninja’s by going to Drew’s website. Also, 10% of the proceeds go to the Quad Fund – so buy your shirts!! I have two already–>  http://www.cafepress.com/uniquepubllc

Drew – thank you for giving me a battle cry! And Dad – thank you for being my hero, my inspiration, someone to look up to. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I fought so hard not to learn, I would not be the fighter I am today without them, or without you!

Redneck Ninja’s!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “Riding the Redneck Ninja Wave”

  1. The Bear Says:

    My goodness girl. You know how to write tear jerkers. I want to publish your book. Yep. Food with Stephen and life issues with Aunt Tricia. Love you girl.. Rocky top girls rock on.

    You always lift me up.

  2. Cathy Bowyer / Mom Says:

    WOW!! You do have a way with words, I’m serious, you have a real talent there. You can put on paper what is in your heart. You have endured more in your 31 years than most people endure in a life time.
    You will always be my hero!! and YES I will help Trish get your book published!!!! I love you

  3. Jasen Says:

    Woah, what a story… I wasn’t ready for that.

  4. suzie stotler Says:

    hey!! you are awesome. if anybody can beat this you can!!!! it was an amazing story. by the way you did have the best jeep spring valley had ever seen.

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